Meet The Trainer

Dayna Woodman is the new owner of Noah’s Barque Pet Care Ltd. She is a Certified Master Dog Trainer graduating from Canada West Canine Centre in October 2011. Dayna is passionate about her job, and it shows in her work ethic and positive attitude. Dayna’s focus is always on keeping the dogs she is working with happy and feeling safe. She trains using positive reinforcement and it gets results!

Dayna’s Education


Oct. 2017: Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Course

Jan. 2015: Clicker Expo! Learning the science behind Clicker Training

Nov. 2013: Relationship Centered Training  Seminar with Suzanne Clothier

Sept. 2013: Behaviour Adjustment Training for Aggression, Frustration, and Fear with Grisha Stewart

July 2013: 4 Day Utimate Recall Seminar with John Rogerson

June 2013: Separation Anxiety, Dog to Dog Play, and Helping the Fearful Dog Seminars with Nicole Wilde

Nov. 2012: How to train Reactive Dogs Seminar with Suzanne Clothier

Oct. 2011: Certified Master Trainer at Canada West Canine Centre Registration # 011-910

Oct. 2011: Obedience Trainer/Kennel Management at Canada West Canine Centre

Training Rates


$60.00 per one hour private lesson at Noah’s Barque

Dayna’s schedule is very busy at the moment and no classes will be scheduled. In home lessons are also not available at the moment.